From Warren Olin: The Olin name originated in France in 1200. The Olin/Ollin families lived in Normandy, just east of the Seine River, near the city of Rouen. The Spencer family originated a few miles north of Rouen in the year 900. The Spencers arrive in England about 1200. Apparently, some of the Olins escaped France by crossing the English Channel, reaching the shore of England and being allowed to live in a specific are north of London City. Olin family tradition states that John Olin knew his wife's Spencer family back in Bedford, England and Olin/Ollin families existed in that area in the 16th and 17th centuries. Warren believes (until proven wrong!) that our ancestor, John Olin, was born in England and his ancestors originated in France.

John-Joseph-Joseph-Reuben-John-Earl-Orva-George-Warren G. OLIN