Thomas F. Olin had always been intrigued with the origins of John Olin and particularly of the name, Llewelyn. On a visit to Wales in 1986, he made an interesting discovery. Tom has felt that it was no coincidence that Llewelyn was arrested and that he may have been related to the royal family in Wales, most notably, Llewelyn the Great. Once again fate stepped in as Tom and his wife Gloria's original destination was Dolwyddelan, the birthplace of Llewelyn. They were forced to go to Llanrwst as the road was closed due to an accident. The Gwyndyr Chapel is connected to the old church in Llanrwst.

I will quote Tom's letter exactly now: "Contained therein was an ancient carved stone coffin that had been Llewelyn's. There on an aged brass plate was his formal title:


Sort of jumps right at you, doesn't it?? When I looked at it-it was like an electric shock."

Tom goes on to say that Leolinus married Joan the daughter of King John. King John (of Robin Hood fame) was the brother of Richard the Lion-Hearted. Tom has a very strong hunch that we are related to this family. It would certainly explain the mystery surrounding John Olin's arrival here and why he may have been pressed on board a man-of-war. It will be interesting to see the research that will inevitably develop from this theory.