Taken from Biographical Sketches and Records of the Ezra Olin Family

by Geo. S. Nye, the Family Historian. Chicago: W.B. Conkey Co., Printers and Binders. 1892.

John Olin, the first of his name and race in America, settled in the vicinity of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, about the year 1700. He was a native of Wales, and is said to have come to this country when but 14 year of age. We may never become familiar with the circumstances that attended him on his arrival here, or the object that induced him to leave home and native land, and seek one among strangers, in a new and strange country, which at that time was but little known.

Of his personal appearance tradition tells us that "he was of medium stature" and had "red hair." Like the great majority of his posterity he was "tiller of the soil".

He also references the below:

"From a work entitled "The Genalogical Record of James Edmonds and his wife Cordelia Spear: among whose ancestors were certain members of the Olin family, the following is taken:

About the year 1690, John Olin, aged fourteen, was pressed on board a man-of-war on the coast of Wales. He deserted at Boston, married at Greenwich, Rhode Island, and he had one daughter and three sons, John, Henry and Joseph." Also, "John Olin came over as a cabin boy in 1690, and deserted at Providence, Rhose Island, being fourteen years old."