C.O. Bailey writes: "John Olin is stated to have been a native of Wales. In a published genealogy of another branch of the family he is stated to have been of French descent. I can find no authority for either statement except family tradition. I have a surmise that he was neither of Welsh nor French ancestry, but that in all probability he was a native of Sweden or at least of Swedish descent. The name Olin is not found in either England, Scotland, or Wales. John Olin was the only man of his name in New England or in fact in any of the American Colonies. All the Olins of New England and New York descent are his descendants. There are, however, a large number of Olin families in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, and other western localities all of whom are of Swedish extraction, and the name is not at all an uncommon Swedish name.[3] The traditional description of John Olin, as it comes down to us, would not indicate that he was of Welsh origin but rather that he was possessed of Scandinavian blood. The fact that he was a sailor would also indicate a possible Scandinavian origin. I have, of course, no proof upon the subject, but I doubt very much his traditionary Welsh origin."