Benjamin Carpenter, Sr. b: October 5, 1719 East Greenwich d: 1759/60 East Greenwich. He was a house carpenter. I believe that he is the son of Oliver Carpenter b: 1675 Pawtucket, Providence, RI, d: July 24, 1727 in Kingston, Washington, RI and m: 1704 to Sarah Arnold b: 1681 in Newport, RI and d: 1786 in Warwick, Kent, RI.

Benjamin Sr. married August 13, 1741 to Eleanor Olin b: 1721, East Greenwich, Kent Cty, RI, d: 1797. She is listed as Ellen in Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850. Their children:

Sarah Carpenter b: January 27, 1743 East Greenwich, Kent, RI

Jane Carpenter b: July 20, 1744 East Greenwich, Kent, RI, d: 1808

Elisha Carpenter b: August 23, 1748 East Greenwich, Kent, RI. His children:

Sarah CARPENTER m: 26 Jun 1791to Benjamin Pierce or Price
Mercy CARPENTER m: 9 Aug 1801 to William Price

Mary Prudence Carpenter b: June 11, 1751, d: January 31, 1813, buried at Peleg Colvin Lot, Scituate, Providence, RI, m: Peleg Colvin

Elizabeth Carpenter b: March 2, 1756 in RI

Benjamin Carpenter b: October 15, 1759, d: February 25, 1847, buried at Carpenter-Wightmam Lot, Rhode Island Historical Cemetery 112.

Benjamin Carpenter died in 1759/60 while defending Lake Champlain from the French and Indians.

Details on Eleanor Olin Carpenter's family were taken from Don Ryan, Warren Olin, and the Olin Family Society.

Are you a descendant of this family? The Olin Family Society would love to have you join us and help us fill out this family.

From M. Roberts:

The son of Elisha I am descended from is Stephen Decatur Carpenter. Anyways, the two people you showed me as children to Elisha are both daughters I believe. So then both would lose their Carpenter name.

An interesting fact for you might be about where the Carpenters move to from New York(As I know). Stephen, son of Elisha(Revolutionary Veteran), served in the War of 1812 where he was granted a tract of land in Illinois. It was 160 acres. From my Gr Grandpa's scribbling, who passed away in 1987, right before Stephen's family was to move to Illinois he became ill. So my next descendant, gr gr gr gr grandpa, the oldest son of Stephen, O.D. or Ormal Decatur(Captain of the Illinois 103rd in the civil war) took charge and traveled covered wagon to the unsettled land. In fact their were two or three squatters on the land when they got there... enough about that. My great grandpa who did this research lived on this farm(oldest one still in the same family name in Illinois) and his wife, my gr grandma still lives on the farm in an old farmhouse. She still drives and use to be a school and music teacher and is just now starting to lose her short term memory a bit. I know she has quite a bit of information on our history.

As you can see Decatur was a popular name, wonder if it was passed down. A county pioneer book of Fulton County, Illinois says that Elisha was born in 1748(we know) and died in 1808... If this turns out there is a relation, my gr grandma still has a clothes dresser and some other furniture that came covered wagon from New York.

This is getting interesting. I know of another cousin of the carpenter family I met through the internet who has much more info than me. I believe she is also trying to get through this Elisha block. She may have names of siblings that I don't. She is descended of Stephen also but the sister of O.D I believe. I have her e-mail if you would like to contact.

For great Carpenter family information, see Carpenter Cousins.


BIRTH: Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850. First Series - Birth, Marriages and Deaths. By James N. Arnold (1891) - Volume 1 - Kent County: Page 107 - 1-35 Carpenter, Benjamin, of Oliver and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1719. SPOUSE: Benjamin's spouse in the record above is listed as Ellen. See 2-116. Batch #: 7210419, Sheet #: 16, Source Call #: 820303

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