The name Glass is derived from "glas" which is Irish and presumably Scots Gaelic for green or grey. It's also Welsh for blue.

From Black's "Surnames of Scotland"

Glass. Either simply from the Gaelic adjective "glas" meaning "grey" or a shortened form of the Gaelic name "Mac Gille glais" or Mac Ghlle ghlais" meaning "son of the grey lad". Glass of Ascog in Bute existed as one of the local families called Barons in the 15th century. (There are several other citations.) "Glas" is also an old Gaelic personal name, whence Dunmaglas, the "fort of the sons of Glas". Glass of Ascog in Bute exited as one of the local families called barons int he 15th century. "Glas" is also an old Gaelic personal name, whence Dunmaglas, the "fort of the sons of Glas".

The family belonged to the same clan as the famous Robert Bruce. Their plaid was "Brus", which is a red background, dark green over, and narrow white lines. The Bruce clan crest is described as a lion, statant, azure, armed, and langule. The family motto is Frimi (We have been). The origin of the name comes from the French town of Brix, the Gaelic name is Brus. The plant badge is Rosemary.

"When Robert the Bruce was scrambling for the Kingdom, and fighting his way in the West, he was opposed by Argyle and other highland chiefs.

At the time alluded to he had come from Ayrshire and accomplished a landing on the island of Bute, his followers were few and fewer still appeared to join his standard in the island until Glass of Ascog with sixteen retainers joined him.

By their example, many others turned out and a battle [ensued].

And in the evening, when Bruce returned to Rothsay he took possession of the Castle, he was so pleased with the conduct of Glass and his neighbors that he caused his "Learned Clerck" to make out crown charters in their favor of the lands they held, ie, he granted them the lands free for which they formerly paid rent or mail.

These charters are in existence to this day, bearing date from Rothsay Castle.

Glass's family by this grant and Royal favor became highly respectable, the laird being now a small Baron.

Family group sheets compiled by Kleo Martin of Wooster, Ohio who is now deceased.

James Glass b: 22 Jun 1772 Washington Co PA to Columbiana Co OH in 1796 to Wayne Co OH in 1814 d: 6 Apr 1855 Wayne Co OH m Elizabeth Edger b: 13 Jul 1776 Carlisle, PA d: 31 May 1857 Wayne Co OH

Their children:

Nancy 1797
Alfred 1799
Elizabeth 1801 m William Ewing, Jr (my line)
Obediah 1803
Margaret 1812
Jane 1814
James 1816
Dr. Samuel 1818
Reasin B. 1821
Fulton 1822

A brief bio in "History of Wayne Co OH" by Douglass page 716 states:

James GLASS was born Jun 22, 1772, in Washington county, Pennsylvania. In early youth he was placed among strangers, in consequence of the death of his mother, and some years later his father departed this life, leaving his family to the tender regard of strangers. James found a home with a farmer, and when he was twenty years of age he enlisted in General Wayne's army, and served in his campaigns on the western frontier from 1792 to 1795. In 1796 he married, and moved to Columbiana county, Ohio, where, for a time, he kept a tavern on the north branch of Yellow creek. In 1814 he came to Wayne county, entering and purchasing a large tract of land in Wayne and Canaan townships, settling in Wayne, seven miles north of Wooster. Here he lived and prospered, and after 1830 took his ease until death closed his useful and eventful life. April 6, 1855. His wife, Elizabeth EDGAR of Irish parentage, was born July 13, 1776 in Carlisle, Pa. The mother of twelve children, she had many cares and labors, and her joys were at the home. Her husband and five sons preceded her in death, she passing away May 31, 1856. Both were zealous members of the Presbyterian church. The names of their sons and daughters who grew to maturity are Nancy, born December 16, 1797; Alfred, born April 23, 1799; Elizabeth, born July 27, 1801, Obediah, born 1803; Margaret 1812; Jane born 1814; James, born May, 1816; Samuel, born April, 1818; Reasin B., and Fulton. Alfred when sixteen years of age, came with his parents to Wayne county and at once entered into the pursuits of the first settlers. January 25, 1821 , he married Miss Jane Ewing, and built a house on land near his father. After a time he quit clearing land and engaged in the carpenter business, putting up several buildings in Wooster, and others in different places. He united with the Baptist church of Wooster in early life and remained a prominent member of the same during life. He died August 22, 1850. Samuel Glass received a fair education and taught school several terms after which he read medicine with Dr. Armstrong, of Hayesville, and finished his course at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. He became an eminent physician. He represented his (Ashland) district in the Ohio Senate and died in Ashland, Ohio, February, 1872.

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