The Faulkner family originated in Bedfordshire, England. George and his wife, Elizabeth (Colethrop) Faulkner emigrated before 1850 (possibly 1848) to Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois. They traveled on the sailing ship "William Amido" just after their marriage. Elizabeth gave birth to a child during the seven weeks it took to cross the ocean. In the 1850 Illinois State Census it shows that a George and Elizabeth Faulkner of England had a 2-year-old son, William who was born on the Atlantic. This William apparently did not survive as they named another son William who was born in 1856 and there are two daughters named Mary Ann and Melinda. Nothing was known of the girls as the records are not well-documented during those years but I was very fortunate to make contact with another Faulkner descendant and gained much more information on the Faulkner family. Please click here for that information. George traded a sow and her litter of pigs for 40 acres in Seward Township, on what is now Water Street in Rockford. He lived there for many years until his death in 1873. We have been unable to locate a burial place for George, but new information says that Elizabeth was buried in Iowa.

William Faulkner Home
Rockford, IL

William Faulkner Family

George's son William was our ancestor and he was born May 7, 1856 in Rockford. He lived in Rockford all his life on a farm on the city limitswhere the local high school is now situated. The house is still standing on the corner (see picture on right). In 1880 William married Christianna (Anna) Layng, the daughter of Robert and Mary McCann Layng. Anna was born July 26, 1862 in Rockford and died December 16, 1954 in Rockford.

They had the following children:

Minnie May Faulkner born August 26, 1880 Rockford, died September 27, 1909 in Rockford (29 years old). She married Vernon C. Ellis.

Etta Faulkner born May 9, 1882 Rockford, married Edward O'Brien. They had one son, William O'Brien.

George Faulkner born July 26, 1883 Rockford, died May 5, 1965.

Fannie Faulkner born May 31, 1885 in Rockford, married Bert Maxon. They had the following children:

Delbert Maxon born February 1903

Olive Lucille Maxon born May 1906

Homer Maxon born June 21, 1908 and died June 2, 1982 in Chula Vista, CA.

Alice Ann Faulkner born October 6, 1887 Rockford, married Adolph Olsen and died November 26, 1966 .

Oliver Carl Faulkner born July 23, 1892 in Rockford married Vera Anderson.

Clara Esther Faulkner born July 23, 1891 in Rockford died January 2, 1973 in Rockford.

Raymond Arthur Faulkner
Used with permission
from Janice Mackey.

William Edward Faulkner born October 26, 1892 in Rockford married Frances M. Pagel and died September 24, 1980. They had one daughter, Joanne Faulkner who married a Sutton.

Arthur Raymond Faulkner born January 13, 1894 in Rockford married Mildred Johnson Hess and died April 24, 1973. They had one son, Raymond Faulkner.

Harry Faulkner born July 13, 1895 in Rockford married Dorothy Knodle and died September 21, 1942.

Frances Pearce Faulkner born December 8, 1898 in Rockford married Charles Jones. They had two daughters, Barbara Jones and June Jones who married a Bovem.

Eva Rebecca Faulkner born August 12, 1903 in Rockford, married John Thompson and died December 19, 1970.

Two other children were born who died in infancy.

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