Young Family

I've collected this information about the family from "Genealogies of Woodstock Families" (formerly Massachusetts and now Connecticut). History of Woodstock.

James Young of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, married in Woodstock August 18, 1814 to Esther Ledoit of Woodstock, born about 1794, died Sturbridge March 30, 1817 at age 23, daughter of Elder Biel Ledoit and Joanna Ainsworth.

Zelotes Young married Woodstock December 19, 1830 Mary Bowers. Perhaps he was identical with Zelotes Young of Killingly who married East Haddam, Connecticut, November 30, 1837 Mary E. Doane of Essex, Connecticut.

Daniel Young of Smithfield, Rhode Island, born April 6, 1808, died Woodstock November 8, 1895, age 88, married in Woodstock September 2, 1834 to Lois W. Pearce of Woodstock, born Massachusetts October 14, 1810, died May 24, 1879, age 69. His only heir-in-law was a son, Frank Young, of Leicester, Massachusetts.

Freelove Young of Woodstock, born Ashford, Connecticut, August 27, 1821, daughter of Thomas Young, Jr., and Polly Phillips, married Woodstock October 21, 1843 Salem Lynde Ballard of Woodstock, born Thompson, Connecticut, May 8, 1820. He married secondly to Harriet Scranton Warner.

Mary Ann Young born Foster, Rhode Island, September 22, 1797, died June 26, 1862, married Woodstock August 13, 1815 Erastus Chandler, born Abington, Connecticut, May 8, 1788, died January 4, 1873, son of Deacon Philemon Chandler and Molly Sabin.

Betsey Young of Woodstock married Sturbridge, Massachusetts, February 11, 1808 Samuel Ellis, perhaps born Charlton June 2, 1776, son of Jedediah Ellis and Martha Freeman.

William Young of Woodstock married Wales, Massachusetts, December 16, 1804 Hannah Walker of Wales.

Nelson Young died Woodstock 1869, married Patience___, born Rhode Island about 1810.

It is obvious how difficult it is to connect these individuals with the information given above. However, there is probably no doubt that all or most are related.

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