Lyda Bailey Family

Lyda Bailey

Lyda M. Bailey was born 1888 in WI to Charles and Rebecca (Hall) Bailey and died September 17, 1966 in Milwaukee, WI. She married George Nelson October 8, 1917 in Eau Claire. George b: They had two children:

Jesse Nelson born March 20, 1909, died May 14, 1988. She married George F. Crandall born 1904 and died September 13, 1982in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico. The family called her "Jess" but her friends called her "Jaye". She and George had two sons. One living, and James Warren Crandall born March 20, 1928 in Elgerton, WI and died June 7, 1992 in Tucson, Pima, AZ. James was married to a woman named Margo who died June 19, 1990.

George Bailey Nelson, Jr. was born March 22, 1914 in Milwaukee, died July 24, 1995 married Dorothy Thurow b: January 12, 1916 in Milwaukee, WI, died January 19, 1903. Dorothy was he sister of his uncle's wife, Gloria Thurow. George and Gloria had two children: a daughter (living), and Sally J. Nelson born August 6, 1946 in Milwaukee and died October 25, 2014 in Milwaukee. He was a Milwaukee policeman and was a lieutenant when he retired.

Notes from Lyda's granddaughter (2009):

Lyda Bailey

Lyda Bailey

Lyda was called "IO" which started when Jim Crandall was young and could not say "Grandma". She was only 5 foot tall and never weighed more than 90 pounds. She was very kind. She read a book a day (mostly mysteries) and smoked right up until her death of a heart attack. She lived with her son George and his family after George Sr. died. George and Dorothy were building their 4-bedroom dream home in Milwaukee. They changed the plans and made an apartment for Lyda upstairs. She was left with little money and soat the age of 60 got her first job as a sales lady at Gimbels. She never learned to drive.

George, Sr. worked as a foundry supervisor. They lived in Sheboygan, Fort Atkinson, Milton, Janesville, Milwaukee and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

She was not a pretty woman but was tall and striking. She always dressed well and was a delight to be with. She did a lot of work for retarded children and with a few other mothers started an organization for retarded children in the 1930's. This was a time when little was done if you had a retarded child. Her grandson, David, was retarded and did very well and worked at the Albuquerque post office for years and is now retired and living in a group home. Jess lived in Waukesha and Beloit before she and George moved to Albuquerque to be near their son and his family.

Both Lyda and her husband are buried in the Bailey lot at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Eau Claire, WI.

I received the above information and photographs from Sally Nelson Koceja, granddaughter of Lyda. She was a lovely person and will be greatly missed.

Lyda, Mary, Sally and George Nelson

Lyda on right with friends

Lyda, Mary, Sally, and George

Lyda Bailey

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