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I am only going to show the Aylesworth family through two generations and ask you to visit the Aylesworth Website for more information on other branches of the family. They have done an excellent job of researching, reviewing and finally correcting erroneous research done in the past. Sylvester Aylsworth had printed a 12-page pamphlet and it contained many errors. It was titled " A REGISTER 0F THE AYLSWORTH FAMILY BEGINNING WITH ARTHUR, CONTAINING A REGULAR DESCENT THROUGH THE MALE LINE FROM HIM DOWN TO THE SEVENTH GENERATION, BY SYLVESTER AYLSWORTH, OF THE FIFTH GENERATION SON OF WILLIAM AND CATHARINE. UTICA: BENNETT, BACKUS, & HAWLEY, FRANKLIN SQUARE. 1840."

Homer Aylsworth and finally James Arnold had followed that with a corrected version. For that complete document, please refer to the Aylesworth family site mentioned above. Special thanks to Owen Aylesworth for maintaining the Aylesworth site and also diligently keeping the family history as accurate as possible.

P.0. Box 74, Knightstown, IN 46148



We are now prepared to present a fuller account of the immigrant'sfamily, recapitulating some of the main facts already noted.

ARTHUR AYLWORTH came to America from either England or Wales previous to July 29, 1679, * possibly previous to King Philip's War, married Mary Brown of Providence, a daughter probably of Rev. John and Mary (Holmes) Brown," and settled permanently in Quidnesset, where he died between Nov. 7, 1725 and Sept. 13, 1726. Her death doubtless preceded his a number of years. The natural order of their children's names is not known, but the names of the sons apart from the names of the daughters, as given the following lists stand probably in their natural order, excepting the name of Thomas, though John may have been younger than Philip:
2. i Robert (2) eldest son, m. Ann Davis.
3. ii Arthur (2) m. Mary Franklin.

* July 29, 1679, Arthur Aylworth and forty-one others of Narragansett signed a petition to the King praying that he would put an end to these differences about the government thereof, which hath been so fatal to the prosperity of the place; animosities still arising in peoples' minds as they stand affected to this or that government." [The Editor.]

" The probability that she was the daughter of Rev. John Brown rests upon a very strong presumption at least. As a matter of fact her home was in Providence, and she had nephews by the name of Andrew and John Brown. The latter a successful merchant of Newport, owner of shipping, etc.

Rev. James P. Root: - I think that Mary, who married Arthur Aylworth, must have been the daughter of Rev. John Brown, son of Rev. Chad. That they had a daughter Mary would be natural, as his wife was Mary, daughter of Obadiah Holmes, the much persecuted and whipped Baptist saint. That Mary Aylworth would name a child Elizabeth, after her father's mother, and Chad, after her grandfather, would be natural. On the supposition that she was a daughter of Rev. John Brown and Mary (Holmes), Rev. James' son, Andrew, would be her nephew, born Sept. 20, 1706. The John Brown who died at Newport, 1764, aged 68 years, was undoubtedly son of Ensign John Brown, son of Rev. John, He was born March 26, 1697. Both were nephews of Mary if she was a daughter of Rev. John and Mary Brown.
NOTE.-This supposition has been proved correct. [Editor.]

Page 37
4. iii John (2) m. Dorcas Jones.
5. iv Philip (2) b. 1692, m. Rachel Green.
6. v Chad (2) b. 1696, m. (1) Elizabeth Major, (2) Mary Wood.
vi Thomas (2) was deaf and dumb; no issue. [Register.]
7. vii Mary (2) eldest daughter, m. John Greene.
8. viii Elizabeth (2) m. ..... Green.
9. x Martha (2) m. John Davis.

The chaotic records at Wickford contain traces of Arthur Aylworth's will and codicil. Internal evidences indicate that both instruments were drawn by the same person In giving below what remains of the record the spelling of surnames and the grammatical construction of t he text is presented unchanged. Whenever the sense of the lost text can be assumed with any degree of confidence an attempt is made to supply the same in brackets, regard being paid to forms common at the time.


There are complete or partial records of seven receipts given to the executor for the legacies in Arthur Aylworth's will, all "in full" except perhaps that of Chad :

"Robert Ayleworth," by mark, Oct. 13, 1626.
"Arthur Aylworth," by autograph, Nov. 25, 1726.
"John Aylworth," by mark, Oct. 7, 1726.
Chad Aylworth- record of signature destroyed.
John Green for his wife Mary Green - date destroyed.
Peleg Card for his wife Elizabeth Card, Nov. 23, 1726.
John Davis for his wife Martha Davis, Dee. 1. 1727.

It is evident the author of the Register did not consultthe Rhode Island town records. 'The North Kingstown records thenin their entirety would have furnished him abundant material.Little can be obtained from them now relating to years previousto 1700.

The immigrant was appointed to some kind of inspectorship Feb.6, He was elected ratemaker May, 1699, and viewer of fences andsupervisor of highways June 5, 1699. He deeded a quantity of landto Henry Tibbets Sept. 21, 1697. Neither the bounds, number ofacres, nor consideration can be acertained. The deed was acknowledgedOctober, 1697. The record of his signature remains distinct.


2. ROBERT (2) — Arthur (1) — eldestson, married May 20, 1708, Ann Davis * and after living aboutten years near the Quidnesset homestead, dwelt in that part ofNorth Kingstown which was set off and called Exeter, where hedied before Feb. 25, 1760, Ý and she previous to Dec. 8,1761. ¦ She was a member of the Baptist Church in Exeter,as the record of a meeting held May ye 27th day 1758, shows. Theorder of their children's names is not known.


10. i Robert(3) m. Susanna Reynolds.
11. ii Sarah P. (3) m. Jabez Tucker.
12. iii Mary (3) m. Nathaniel Pettis.
iv Amey (3) m. Joshua Rathburn
v Anna (3) m. .....Austin
13. vi Ephraim (3), m. Alice Pettey.

* Kingstown in the colony of Rhoad Island [this] 20th day of MayAnno 1708 Robert Aylworth [took] Ann Davis to be his Weded wifeand they were [then] and theire lawfully joyned in marriage accordingto the Laws and Customs of this collony Before said by me WilliamHall Justice of the Peace. [N.K. Rec.]

The widow administered uponhis estate, the inventory of personal effects amounting to £572-7s.-3d.Ephraim Alyworth, Joshua Rathbun (mark), Robert Petty and RobertAylsworth (mark), each receipted for £55 in full satisfactionto Annah Aylsworth, widow and execx. of Robert Aylsworth, dec.d, March 27, 1760. Jabez Tucker gives receipt to Anner Aylworth,widow and executx. March 24, 1761. £26,2s. ,6d., which fellto Hannah Tucker from her grandfather Aylsworth's estate, Thename of Sarah Tucker appears on the lower left hand corner ofreceipt. Ephraim Aylesworth, guardian, receipts for same amount,same date, for Elizabeth Foster, infant, out of the personal estateof Robert Aylworth.

¦ Annah Aylworth (mark) madeher will May 4, 1760, in which she names her son Robert, her son-in-lawJabez Tucker, her grandson Robert Petty, her daughters Amey Rathbunand Annah Austin, and her son Ephraim. Inventory £199-12s.6d., presented Dec. 8, 1761,

NOTE.— Will of the widow Anna, 1760,May 4; proved 1781, Nov. 10. Executor, son Ephraim, To son Robert5s., to son-in-law Jabez Tucker 5s, to grandson Robert Petty 6z.,to daughter Rathbun spectacles and silver bows, worsted combs, & c. to daughter Anna Austin clasps, &c.,to son Ephraim and daughters Amey and Anna rest of estate. [Editor.]

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3. ARTHUR — 2) Arthur (1) married Mary Franklin, and dwelt withinthe present limits of West Greenwich, R.I., to which localitythen a part of East Greenwich, they moved from North Kingstownbefore June 29, 1723. He bought of William Wanton, June 22, 1724,for £100 320 acres of land, it being the "31st farmin 3d or last deviation," and was farmer and in-keeper. Shewas younger than he but died first. Working in the hay field,he was taken sick on a Thursday in July, 1761, and died the followingSunday, aged 76 years. His will was made July 4, 1761, probablyduring his sickness, and proved Aug. 1st, following; the willbeing signed Arthur Aylworth, and the personal inventory amountingto £672.* The order of the first six names of their childrenis not known.


14. i Philip (3) m. Elizabeth....
15. ii David (3) m Martha Franklin.
16. iii James (3) m. Mary Wood
iv John (3) m. Anna Reynolds.
17. v Judiah (3) m. (1) Ruth Draper; (2) Rosanna (Edwards) Stafford.
vi Freelove (3) m. John Tenant, July 29, 1740.
vii Dimmis (3) 2d dau., b. June 22, 1725, m. (1) Francis PhillipsÝ (2)Travis.
viii Austus (3) 3d dau., b. Nov. 22, 1727 m. John Colvin.
ix Barbara (3) 4th dau., b. June 13, 1729, m. Jonathan Hill sonof William Hill, of North Kingstown, Jan. 30, 174(7?)

* The names of James, John, and Dimmis are not mentioned in thewill, yet we find mentioned a grandson, John Phillips, and a granddaughter, Edey Whitman.

Deacon Phillips, whose mother'sname was Aylsworth, lived in the vicinity of Carbondale, Pa.,in 1816. He had three daughters, names not known. One of thesemarried ___ Hewitt, and had daughters. May and Lavinnia; anothermarried ___ Miller, and had a daughter, Amanda; the other daughtermarried ___ Tripp, and had a son called Zach. All these granddaughterof Dea. Phillips attend a school taught by Phillip (4) Aylsworth,son of Peleg.

4. JOHN (2) — Arthur (1) marriedDorcas Jones, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Jones, ¦of East Greenwich, R.I. where they were dwelling as early as Dec.22, 1718, and probably earlier. He lived in North Kingstown, § where hiswill was proved May 15, 1771, the will Page 43 having been made the same year. * The order of the children'snames not known.


18. i Anthony (3) m. Sarah Briggs
19. ii Arthur (3) m. Almy .....
20. iii John (3) m. Anne Gardner.
iv Josiah (3) m. Lydia Bundy.
v Dorcas (3) m. .... Phillips.
vi Anna (3) m. (1) Sylvanus Whitford, (2) .John..Manchester. b.Aug. 19, 1732, d. 1772.
vii Mary (3) m. (1) John Olin, (2) .... Bennett. [Marymarried Joseph Olin]
viii Phebe (3) m. Daniel Cass.

¦ They had also sons, Jeremiah and Seth, and three otherdaughters, Elizabeth Bassitt, Sarah Reynolds, and ___ Hamilton.His will was made Jan. 28, 174(3?)_____.

§ Abel Aylsworth states he diedat the house of Joshua Rathbun, his son-in-law which relationdoes not yet appear.

* His will was quite an elaborateinstrument, but the record suffered so much from fire that therelics are of little help. It appears, however, from it that hedivides a sum of money between Ann Aylsworth and Dorcas Place,grandchildren perhaps, and the indications are that there mayhave been other own children than those contained in the list.He certainly had a grandson, Christopher Aylsworth, the subjectof a special sketch hereafter.
The town council of East Greenwich., Aug. 3, 1723, noticed thefact that "William Aylworth is again come to reside at thehouse of John Aylworth," and took such action as was customarywhen persons without certificates from their own town were changingresidence, to prevent their obtaining residence and thereby possiblybecoming a burden to the town. As this was the second time ormore he had lived with John Aylworth's family he was doubtlessa near relative. All tradition relating to the immigrant indicatesthat he came alone to America, and that none of his near kindredafterward associated with him. If it should be presumed that thisperson was the deaf mute and that the name Thomas was a mistake,there is nothing apparent, at present, to sustain the presumption.

5. PHILIP (2) — Arthur (1) was bornin 1692, and married Rachel Greene, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca(Barrow) Greene of Quidnessit. They lived upon the immigrant'shomestead, where they died, but their death dates and the birthdates of their children are lost.


22. i Arthur (3) m. Freelove Dyer.
23. ii Job (3) m. (1) Sarah Clark, (2) Sarah Aylworth.
24. iii Philip (3) m. Deborah (Waite) Dyer.
iv Sarah (3) m. Edward Gardiner, Feb. 25, 1754, South Kingstown.
v Phebe (3) m. (1) Henry Tibbets, who is said to have joined theBritish regulars and to have died in debt; m. (2) Jonathan Allenin the public highway, near the home stead, in her shift.
vi Martha (3) m. "Esquire" George Thomas of Wickford,Aug. 19, 1787; his second wife. She died Dec 11, 1826, S.P. Heby first wife, Phebe Lockwood, had eight children.
vii Elizabeth (3) m. Feb. 16, 1762, Samuel Ralph. "Her husbanddying, she lived a widow to an old age in Franklin, Putnam Co.,N.Y."
Page 44
Five other children, viz.: Obadiah, Peleg, Mary, Nancy, and Catharinedied in youth.

6. CHAD (2) — Arthur (1) the youngestson, was born in 1696, and named for Chad Brown. He married (1)in Newport, R.I. Nov. 15, 1725, Elizabeth Major,* and dwelt inNorth Kingstown certainly until March 30, 1733,Ý sometimeafter which they moved into old Scituate, and settled within thepresent limits of the town of Foster, R.I., where she died. Hemarried (2) Mary Wood, who was living when his will was made,April 23, 1757, seventeen years before it was proved, May 22,1773.

Children of Elizabeth.

25. i Capt. Thomas (3) b. Aug. 21,1726, m. (1) Susanna Randall, (2) Martha Harrington.
ii Elizabeth (3) bapt. Aug. 11, 1728, m. Dec. 6, 1747, James Hunter.She and her first born child are said to have died together.
26. iii Juda (3) m. Stephen Colegrove.
iv Mary (3) m. Philip Haynes, at Newport, May 25, 1875. "Shehad many sons and daughters." Their home was probably inRhode Island.27. v Rachel (3) m. Dec. 2, 1753, Thomas Colegrove.
vi Anna (3) died of croup in childhood.

Children of Mary.

28. vii Peleg (3) m. Anna Cole.
viii Sarah (3).
ix Mercy (3

* Elizabeth and Mary Major, daughters of David Major, of the Islandof Guernsey, came to Newport in 1717, bringing with them a letterfrom the church "in ye Vale(?) in ye Island of Guernsey," dated inJune of that year, and united with the Trinity Church at Newport, and havingleft their home on account of domesticmisunderstandings with their stepmother. Mary m. June 9, 1730,William Dumoy, who sometime afterwards went to sea and was neverheard from. She died S.P., before May 11, 1758, when letters ofadministration were issued to her nephew, Thomas Aylsworth. DavidMajor's estate, said to have consisted principally of propertyin London, was turned into the Bank of England, as the recordsshow.

His land was 140 acres inthe Pettequamscutt purchase; bounded north by the highway, eastby Edward Dyer's land, south by land of Daniel Pierce, and westby land of Jeremiah Howes.

7. MARY (2) — Arthur (1) — She wasthe eldest daughter, and perhaps the eldest child of the immigrant.¦"The Aylsworth Register" makes no allusion to her. Shemarried previous to the making of her father's will, John Greene,who, Ray Greene Huling tentatively concludes was a son of Benjamin(& Humilty Coggeshall), (2) Greene — John (1). He gave areceipt, Oct 13, Page 45 1726, for his wife's legacy in the settlementof the immigrant's estate. The following is taken from an articleby Ray Green Hulling in the Narragansett Historical Register,Vol. II, No. 3, pp. 167-8, relating to this man and his family:

"He is styled `Lieut. John' in 1732. On Jan. 9, 1733-4, beingthen of East Greenwich, he purchased 49 3-4 acres of land in whatis now West Greenwich, it being "the first farm in the firstdivision in the right of Samuel Cranston," and in 1743 soldfarms formerly belonging to his father and brother Caleb, bothdeceased. The Cranston farm was the site of his home stead. Hemarried (2) Aug. 7, 1741, Priscilla Brown, of Swansea, Mass.,(having a daughter Freelove Bowen), who survived him. His will,made March 26, proved April 24, 1752, alludes to two sons deceased,in addition to those named below.

Children's - order uncertain.

i Philip, m. (1) Theodosia Spencer,(2) Mary Sweet.
ii Benjamin, m. (1) Mercy Rogers, (2) Anna Sweet.
iii Thomas, m. Sarah.
iv Elizabeth, m. .... Morey4
v Ruth.5
vi William. 6
vii Josiah, probably m. Hannah.....7
viii Amos, perhaps he who m. June 19, 1740, in Charlestown, AnnieKnowles.
ix Jonathan.
x Caleb.
xi Joseph.8
xii Joshua.9

The authority credited with the above,contains additional information respecting the families of Philip,Benjamin, Thomas, Josiah, and Amos named above.

¦ Mary Aylworth ... must have been born as early as 1688perhaps earlier [Rev. James P. Root.]

8. ELIZABETH (2) — Arthur (1) married(1) .....Dolliver. * Of their family history nothing has beendiscovered. Before 1726 she married (2) Peleg Card. She died probablybefore his will was made, Sept. 17, 1764. If she was his firstwife they had the children named in the list and perhaps othersof whom we have no account.Ý Order of

* Perhaps a son of Joseph Dolliver, Sr., who died in East Greenwich,1731; will 1729, and who mentions sons, John and William, anddaughters, Lydia Parker, Mary Huling, and Abigail Niles. JosephDolliver, Jr., will May 1, 1709, North Kingstown, mentions hisbrother William and sisters, Lydia Parker, Rebecca Card, ye wifeof Peleg Card, Sarah Johnson and Mary Dolliver. The Peleg Cardhere referred to may be he who afterwards married Elizabeth Dolliver.
Joseph Card, son of Peleg of North Kingstown, and JudithCahoon dau. of Joseph of Warwick, m. March 6, 1735-6. [E.G. Rec.]If this Joseph Card was son of Peleg above, he was probably sonby a first marriage.

Page 46
names not known. They lived about half a mile south of the immigrant'shomestead, in Quidnesset.*


i Philip (3) Card. Ý §§ (died
ii William (3) Card.¦
iii Mary (3) Card, m. .... Strate.
iv Ruth (3) Card, m. ...... Brown.
v. Phebe (3) Card, m. .... Underwood.
vi Elizabeth (3) Card, m. .....Sreaves
viii James (3) Card.

9. MARTHA (2) — Arthur (1) b. ca1698, d. 1738, married John Davis before December 1, 1727 (1729),and dwelt in East Greenwich, where he died, before Feb. 25, 1737-8,when letters of administration issued to Martha Davis, late wifeand now widow of John Davis of said East Greenwich, yeoman, deceased.Inventory, consisting mostly of household goods, farming implements,and smith tools, amounted to the sum of £194-15s.-6d. ArthurAylworth, of East Greenwich, and Peleg Card, of North Kingstown,were bondsmen. Nothing further has been discovered respectingtheir history.
* Near the site of the dwelling now on this homestead, there isa family cemetery, containing at least thirty-six graves withoutinscriptions. Peleg Card, son of Philip, died Oct. 19, 1846, aged92 years and his wife Alice (Sweet) died May 24, 1826 in her 74thyear. They as well as his father, Philip, dwelt there and wereburied in the family ground.

Had Phebe, Welthan, Peleg,and perhaps others.
Had Peleg, and perhaps others.
§§ Philip married Catherine Davis Dec. 3, 1741 and theyhad a dau. Sarah Card, b. ca. 17 45, d. June 12, 1819,
married, Oct. 13, 1765, John Olin III, b. Sep. 17, 1741, EastGreenwich, RI, d. Nov. 2, 1823, Shaftsbury, VT.
For more on this line — John Olin and Sarah Carr. [Card]

Page 59

21. MARY (3)John (2), Arthur (1)m. May 18, 1735, Joseph Olin, of North Kingstown, son of John.[E.G. Rec.]
The births of three of their children are recorded:

i Ruhama (4) b. March 7, 1735-6.
ii Elizabeth (4) b. June 2, 1737.
iii Mary (4) b. Jan. 10, 1738-9.

Her name appears in her father's will as Mary Bennett.

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