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Will Sandretzky

Sarah Gladys Olin "Sadie" was born February 27, 1880 in Dayton, Hennepin Cty, MN to Thomas Olin. She died November 17, 1966 in Auburn, WA and is buried at Grand Rapids, MN. She married November 19, 1894 at Staples, Todd Cty, MN to William Julius Sandretzky (May 20, 1872-August 20, 1946). She was only 14 years old but very strong-willed and her family gave her a choice of going out to work or getting married. She chose marriage. She had blue eyes and light hair. They settled in Grand Rapids, MN[1] and then Duluth finally staying at Stone Lake near Brimson, MN in the 1930's until Will's death when Sadie moved back to Duluth and remarried to Barney Lemke. After his death, she moved to Auburn, Washington. At Stone Lake they built a small farm and later a few cabins and that boats for rent. Chauncey, Rellis and Hubert moved with them to help build. She is buried next to Tom in Grand Rapids.

Will and Sadie's children:

Merrill Richard Sandretzky b: December 10, 1896 in Grand Rapids, MN[2] and d: December 22, 1980 in Tampa, FL, m: Evelyn Marie Wilcox "Mae" b: January 26, 1899 d: December 31, 1981 (1982?) in Tampa, FL[3 ]. They had seven children.

Effern Eugene Sandretzky b: July 26, 1899, Staples, Todd Cty, MN d: December 28, 1976 in Tucson, AZ m: December 4, 1925 Pauline Miriam Moreau b: February 16, 1898 in Hawthorne, WI, d:1998 AZ. They had four children.

Clifford Norris Sandretzky b: August 9,1907 in Nashwauk, Itasca, MN, died in 1977 and m: October 30, 1933 to Lillian Sofia Anderson b: September 24, 1907 and d: November 6, 1975. She is buried at Aurora, MN. He died September 14, 1977 in Springfield, VA and is buried at Grand Rapids, MN. They had four children.

Chauncey Henry Sandretzky b: June 5, 1911 in Grand Rapids, MN d: March 23, 1983 in Apache Junction, AZ m: July 2, 1935 to Mary Rauha Wallin b: December 30, 1909 Pori, Finland, d: July 13, 1997 Portland, OR and buried at Indian Lake Cemetery. He was a cabinet maker and carpenter. They had three living children.

Rellis Otis Sandretzky "Buck" b: March 2, 1915 Grand Rapids, MN d: January 8, 1994 Park Rapids, MN[4] m: April 2, 1938 Lillian Esther Sandstedt b: December 18, 1920 in Brimson, MN, d: December 20, 1980 in Two Harbors, St. Louis Cty, MN. Rellis m: 2nd to Ida Beal in 1963 and she d: November 12, 1966. They had one daughter, Linda Elaine Sandretzky b: May 10, 1947 and married to Robert E. Isaacson. They had two children.

Hubert Arthur Sandretzky b: May 14, 1917 in Arbo Twsp, Itasca Cty, MN d: July 26, 1992 in Menagha, MN and d: July 26, 1992 in St. Paul, Ramsey Cty, MN.

Baby Daughter Sandretzky died at birth, buried in Sandretzky family plot in Grand Rapids, MN.



[1] William is listed in the book Logging Town-The Story of Grand Rapids, Minnesota 1941, as being a resident as of 1894

[2] Janet Johnson's notes show his birthplace as Staples, MN and the deathdate of December 20, 1980

[3] Janet Johnson's notes show Evelyn's birthdate as January 6, 1982

[4] Rellis was buried at Park Hill Cemetery in Duluth, St. Louis Cty, MN

Additonal Source:

Pines, Mines and Lakes, 1960 Rottsolk, James R. The Story of Itasca County, Minnesota-Village of Grand Rapids 1905 census MN State

Brimson-Toimi Legacy Pages 209-210 (Also includes the Sandstedt and Highland Families)

Extended Sandretzky Family History

The Sandretzky's have many, many descendants living and I did not list their names here for reasons of privacy. If you would like to contact a member of this family, please e-mail me and I will forward your message. Click here

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