I am just beginning to try to piece this family together. If anyone has additional information please feel free to share with me by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of the page. Mary E. Planthaber

My connection to this family was Warren Planthaber who married first my grand aunt and then my grandmother. He was my step-grandfather. Though the Planthaber family is not directly related to me, I have put this information up for his family of whom many are my cousins.

Fred Planthaber was born September 25, 1878, died August 1966. He married Ruth Kelly on October 15, 1902 in Chicago,Cook Cty, IL. Ruth was born on December 24, 1882 and died in March 12, 1976. Not sure how many children they had. Their son, Warren was born on February 1, 1904 and died July 1, 1981.

Warren Planthaber's marriages:

Marriage 1: Jennet Anna Ellis born September 26, 1903 in Rockford, IL, married Warren Planthaber in July of 1922 and then she died October 1, 1941 in Sterling, Whiteside Cty, IL. Their children:

Marriage 2: Irena Tucker in August of 1952, they were divorced.

Marriage 3: Opal Kicksey Dahlberg and they had one daughter who is still living. They divorced in September of 1953.

Marriage 4: Myrna Glass Ellis in July 2, 1955. No children. They spent the rest of their lives together.

Fred and Ruth Planthaber were divorced. Fred remarried to Caroline M. Millerschone who died in November of 1987

Ruth Kelly Planthaber remarried to a Shepard (Alfred?) in March of 1976.

Planthabers buried at Oak Knoll Cemetery in Sterling, Illinois:

PLANTHABER, Fred 25 Sep 1878 18 Sep 1966

PLANTHABER, Jennett Anna (Ellis) 1903 01 Oct 1941

Warren Planthaber, Sr   PLANTHABER, Myrna G (Glass) 11 Aug 1907 04 Mar 1990

Warren Planthaber, Sr   PLANTHABER, Warren, Sr 21 Feb 1904 Jul 1981

Jennett Anna Ellis

Myrna G Glass  

Planthaber, Warren H 15 Jun 1923 08 Feb 2009 Orla Jean Dahlberg Warren & Jenette (Ellis) Planthaber

Other Planthabers

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