This information was found on genforum.com and submitted by Paul Ellison.

1 Sergeant Josiah ELLSWORTH b. 7 Aug 1629, Eletown, Cambridgeshire, England1, d. 20 Aug 1689, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. He was the son of Sir John ELLSWORTH (1578-1653) and Lucia BOWERS (1586-)

He m. 16 Nov 1654, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut1 to Elizabeth HOLCOMB who was b. 1634, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts and d. 18 Sep 1712, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. Her parents were Thomas HOLCOMB (1601-1657) and Elizabeth FERGUSON (1610-1679)

Their children:

1) Josiah Ellsworth jr. (1655-1706)

2) Elizabeth Ellsworth (1657-1743)

3) Mary Ellsworth (1660-1713)

4) Martha Ellsworth (1662-1751)

5) Thomas Ellsworth (1665-1750)

6) Jonathan Ellsworth (1669-1749)

7) John Ellsworth (1671-1720)

8) Job Ellsworth (1674-1751)

9) Benjamin Ellsworth (1676-1690)

Second Generation

Josiah Ellsworth, jr. (1655-1706)b. 5 Dec 1655, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 4 May 1706, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, m. 30 Oct 1679 to Martha GAYLORD2. Martha was b. 24 Jun 1659, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut and d. 22 Apr 1721, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Samuel GAYLORD (1620-1690) and Elizabeth Mary HULL (-1680). Their children:

Martha Ellsworth b. 25 Oct 1680, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, m. 1 Dec 1701 to Samuel Stiles. Second m. to George Porter.

Elizabeth Ellsworth b. 22 Jan 1683, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 16 Jun 1756, m. 30 May 1711 to John GRIDLEY

Timothy Ellsworth (1685-16 June 1756)

Mary Ellsworth b. 12 Oct 1687, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

Josiah Ellsworth b. 3 Mar 1690, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut m. Margaret

Mary Ellsworth b. 3 Mar 1694, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 1706

Abigail Ellsworth b. 3 Mar 1694, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut m. 17 Nov 1736 to Elias Slater

Samuel Ellsworth (1697-1717)

Joseph Ellsworth (1700-)

Third Generation

Samuel Ellsworth (1697-1717) b. 18 Jul 1697, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 20 Nov 1717, m. 20 Nov 1717 to Elizabeth ALLEN, b. 21 Aug 1698, Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 28 Sep 1766, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. She was the daughter of John ALLEN JR/JR (1670-1739) and Bridgett BOOTH (~1672-1714). Their children:

Samuel Ellsworth (1718-1803)

Charles Ellsworth (1721-1806)

Elijah Ellsworth (1723-1736)

Unknown Ellsworth (-1737)

Elizabeth Ellsworth (1736-1780)

Eliphalet Ellsworth (1740-)

Fourth Generation

Samuel Ellsworth (1718-1803) b. 1 Oct 1718, West Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 1803, Pittsford, Rutland, Vermont, b. 1803, Arlington, Vermont3, m. 2 Dec 1746 ato Aimee Haliday MATSON b. 6 May 1708, West Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 1778/96, Pittsford, Rutland, Vermont. Her parents were William HALLIDAY (1677-1764) and Anna ELLIS (1675-). Their children:

Caroline Ellsworth (1748-1791)

Tryphena Ellsworth b. 11 Aug 1750 in West Windsor or Simsbury, Hartford, CT, d. Sep 1751

Samuel Ellsworth (1752-1819)

Israel Ellsworth (1755-1834)

Daniel Ellsworth (1757-1798)

Fifth Generation

Caroline Ellsworth (1748-1791) b. 13 Mar 1748, West Windsor or Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, d. 12/21 May 1791[4], m. 27 Apr 1767 to Caleb HENDEE, b. Aug 1745, Coventry, Connecticut, d. 1823, Windsor, Brookshire, Massachusetts. Their children:

Caleb Hendee b. 1768

Caroline Hendee b. 1770

Jonathan Hendee b. 1773

Daniel Hendee b. 1776

Lydia Hendee b. 1778

Eunice Hendee b. 1780

Solomon Hendee b. 1782

Solomon Hendee b. 1784

David Hendee b. 1786

Rachel Hendee b. 1788

Samuel Hendee b. 23 Apr 1791, Pittsford, VT, d. 15 Sep 1876, Pittsford, Vt m. 2 Dec 1810 in Pittsford to Abigail Paine.

Sixth Generation

Samuel Hendee b. 23 Apr 1791, Pittsford, VT, d. 15 Sep 1876, Pittsford, Vt m. 2 Dec 1810 in Pittsford to Abigail Paine. Their children:

Edward Hendee

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16. My father and mother, Sarah Galley, at the time of my birth owned and occupied the whole tract of land upon which is now (1855) built the village of Paris, New York. My father was a carpenter and joiner by trade and followed his occupation...My father's origin I know little of, further than his father was an American and fought under General Washington in several battles. My mother is of Scotch descent. Sarah Galley was born in 1789 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, the daughter of James Galley and Rebecca...My father, at the time of my birth, was on a trip to Quebec, Canada, where he went with one of my uncles, his brother, with a raft of lumber down the St. Lawrence River. Soon after my birth my mother received a letter from my uncle stating that my father had recently died with yellow fever and that he had willed all of his property to him. Although the brother produced no evidence, he succeeded in driving my mother, with her two children, from her home, and dispossessing her of all of the property.

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Once again it is important to note that all the above information was taken from the submission of Paul Ellison. There really is so much more that Paul submitted, but the lines are so distant. Please contact Paul for more information.

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